Song of The Day By Rylands Heath

Song of The Day By Rylands Heath

West Coast

Today’s song of the day comes from a new band that I’ve recently come across called, Rylands Heath; an indie pop dynamic duo made up of freinds, Jack and James.

I’ve listened to quite a few of their latest releases and I have to say that all are¬†really great. Rylands Heath are a band that you should keep an eye on because they are going to HUGE!

This particular song, West Coast – which is the song for the day – hails to that old school, Two Door Cinema Club vibe that I fell in love with all those years ago. With the clean and slightly complex drum beat that carries the song from start to finish, to the prominent summery guitar riffs and happy and beautifully blended vocal harmonies towards the end, there is no denying that this song is perfect to get you out of those “post-valentines day blues” and get you dreaming about running free on the west coast!

I hope that you enjoy this song, that it brightens your day and leaves you feeling inspired!


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