Jake Bugg’s Live Show is Loved By His Fans

Jake Bugg’s Live Show is Loved By His Fans

On My One

Backing up the release of his third studio album, ‘On My One‘, Jake Bugg is hitting up a number of locations in the UK and Europe on his winter tour. Having already achieved a number one with his debut album and gaining a major fan following, could his live show live up to the hype?  KNEWYU was at his Birmingham O2 academy gig on Monday 24th November, and this is what we found out!

Before Jake Bugg appeared in front of his exciting fans however, singer and guitarist Georgie was there to warm up the crowd. KNEWYU were lucky enough to interview her just an hour earlier, so now was time to watch her set. The Nottingham singer-songwriter had recently signed to Colombia records and had released her first single the month prior to this gig. As soon as they blast into their first song, it’s obvious how good a vocalist Georgie is. She has great range and control of her voice and it really was a joy to listen to. Her band are looking like they’re having a great time as they pound through their songs. There’s a really nice mix of rock styles within this set, with elements of blues, country and rock’n’roll showing nicely. The crowd was giving her a warm reception too, a cheer after every song, and a lot of people were happily enjoying it. Georgie’s attitude on stage seems slightly muted though, most likely due to how tiring being on tour can be, but she still gives it her all during the songs and I can definitely say she’s one to watch.

It’s clear how loyal Jake Bugg’s fans are as soon as he appears on stage. A raucous response appears from when he walks on stage. Starting off acoustically with the leading single off the new album, also titled ‘On My One’, it really rings out well in the O2 Academy. It was definitely a nice touch to start off acoustic, and the four songs he plays here all sound great, imaginative and fun. Most of the crowd knows every single lyric too, and it’s clear he has them in the palm of his hand.

After finishing his acoustic opener, Jake brings out the rest of the band and they carry on the show with ‘Two Fingers’. One thing is for sure, Jake has some major fans in the crowd and they’re loving every moment of this show. However, I didn’t see anything special about this middle section to be honest. The songs, whilst well played, all sounded very similar and really didn’t have that much of an impact. Jake and his band were having fun, he talked a little with the crowd, but Jake just did what the crowd wanted most, and that was play more songs.  Another 6 or 7 songs passed with major crowd reaction but again, not much substance. As the set went on though, it did start to improve. The last few songs before another acoustic performance were definitely a lot more enjoyable. There seemed to be a lot more creativity in these songs and as a result, they were much more discernible. When he got to playing ‘Broken’, I could definitely see his potential and just why he’d come as far as he had. Finishing this song, there was an eruption of cheer from the crowd and he walked off stage. Of course though, he wasn’t done. The crowds cheers brought him back on to play his most well known song, ‘Lightning Bolt’, which really does sound fantastic. It’s catchy, its upbeat and his unique tone really closed the show with some style. Despite the dull middle section, I still enjoyed most of the gig and if you’re a fan of Jake Bugg, then don’t miss his show, especially if you know all the lyrics. Everyone around you will be singing them too. Overall, a pretty good night out.

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